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Amica Home Insurance Reviews 2017: Pros & Cons

Home becomes one of the valuable assets which must be maintained. Maintaining your home by decorating or renovating it, and cleaning it up may be good to keep your house in excellent condition. However, that is not the best way for you to maintain your home. There are several unexpected things which could suddenly destroy your house such as flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. For that reason, you may need a home insurance. By having home insurance, you do not need to worry if something unexpected happens to your house. Home insurance will help you in managing you’re financial based on your policy. The insurance company will pay for natural disasters, theft, vandalism, or other things that make your house damaged.

Amica: The Great Home Insurance in Country!

Amica Home Insurance

Today, there are a lot of insurance companies that offer home insurance coverage with special deals. If you never own a home insurance before, you may try getting your home covered by Amica Insurance. Since 1907, Amica has helped many people with fire and automobiles insurance. In 1956, Amica began providing other coverages like home, marine, and excess personal liability to improve its services. Today, Amica becomes one of the best and oldest insurance companies in the country. Also, they are very well-known for its exceptional customer service and financial strength.

What’s good and not about Amica Home Insurance

When it comes to Amica home insurance reviews, people surely talks about its pros and cons. Every insurance company certainly has the right side and the wrong side. For Amica Insurance, it has more good side rather than the wrong side. Check this out!

  1. Pros of Amica Home Insurance
  • Good ratings

Talking about the ratings, so far Amica has no problem with the ratings. Recently, they get A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best Company on Feb, 4th 2017. Furthermore, Amica is also awarded in J.D Power 2017 for the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in New England.” Then, Amica even gets to rated in the survey of JD Power’s home insurance for every category.

  • Good Financial Strength

For its financial strength, Amica gets $5.1 billion assets on December, 31st 2016. Moreover, they have $1.6 million for the policy counts on Dec, 31st 2016.

  • Great Service

Since the very first time, Amica always puts the quality services as its key component of their success. They provide good personal service where the customers will get friendly services as they need a claim, coverage question, or other information about Amica insurance. Besides, the costumers only need to contact Amica via online or phone. They do not have agents for selling their products. However, the customers surely will get good responses whether they contact Amica by phone or email.

  • Good for newbie

As you never own home insurance before, Amica becomes the best home insurance for the new customers. The team will help you in choosing the best home insurance. What’s more, Amica also offers billing flexibility where they provide several payment methods in order to make bill-paying easy for the customers.

  1. Cons of Amica Home Insurances
  • No face-to-face service

As it has said, the customers can get direct contact with Amica only via phone or email. They only offer web-based and phone-based services. It becomes the contra for some people as others need the real agent for consulting their problems.

  • Lack of coverage

Amica surely provides several coverage options for the customers; however, some coverage is not available.

Products of Amica Home Insurances

After discussing Amica home insurance reviews, now let’s talk about the product of Amica Home Insurance. When it comes to home insurance products, Amica provides many options for coverage.

  1. Platinum Choice Home

One of the best home insurance products is Platinum Choice Home. This insurance has similar coverage and policy like other home insurance company. This one includes coverage for physical loss risks, additional dwelling coverage, replacement cost, computer and credit card coverage, sump overflow and water backup up to $5,000, and lock replacement. However, this product also offers other coverage with some requirements. By choosing this product, you can get bonus coverage like theft coverage for furs, jewelry, and watches, business property coverage, medical payment coverage, and others.

  1. Renters Insurance

The renter’s insurance will cover you from vandalism, fire, and theft. Unlike other insurance, this one will include tenant’s belongings. Amica policies offer the valuable coverage that renter surely needs.

  1. Condo Insurance

A condo association’s policy commonly will have no cover for property inside your condo. Amica condo insurance will help you cover TV, furniture, and liability if there is something unexpected happen.

  1. Flood Insurance

Flood sometimes can be a natural disaster that can damage your property. Each year, flood causes over $2 billion in property breakdown. If you are living in flood-prone areas, you better own this flood insurance. Flood insurance by Amica will cover content, structure or both due to flood damage.

  1. Identity Fraud

Every year, almost 10 million American becomes victims of identity theft. This coverage will help you bring back your identity fast and efficiently. Moreover, you will get up to $15,000 for covering serious criminal damage.

  1. Business Coverage

This insurance will help you in covering several things that you use for the business purpose such as personal computer, laptop, furniture, electronic equipment and others.

Those are several products by Amica home insurance. As getting its product, you also can get some benefits as having home insurance by Amica as follows:

  • Discount up to 15% as you insure your home and car
  • Around 94% of long-lasting relationship with the customers
  • Good financial strength with A+ ratings by A.M Best
  • Get exclusive service with Contractor Connection as helping costumers to find licensed contractors.

Amica indeed becomes right insurance company for home coverage. They offer lot kinds of products based on costumers needs. It has excellent customer services, dividend program, and fast claim payout. However, Amica home insurances are not able to reach in Alaska or Hawai. Amica also does not provide insurance for ranches, farms, or mobile home. Due to its cons, its excellent services, fast claims, and special discounts make Amica becomes one of the best home insurance in the country!

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