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The Most Expensive Average Car Insurance Rates by State

Car insurance becomes a highlight for some reason, especially in the United States. Recently, Michigan still holds the highest insurance car in the fourth consecutive year from 2013 to 2017. There are some factors of the different rate in some region. The average car insurance rates by state based on some factors that cannot be controlled by the driver. One thing that can be controlled to get the lowest insurance is the location. The more providers of car insurance in your state, the better opportunity you will get to have the cheaper rates. So, here are the range of the most expensive and the lowest states of car insurance.

The Average Car Insurance Rates by State

Average Car Insurance Rates by State

As we know before, Michigan still on the first stage for the most expensive insurance car. For this year, Michigan has $2,394 percent higher rather than the national average rate. The most important thing is Michigan has no limit for the coverage. Some of the countries will limit the PIP Policy. In contrast, PIP Policy of Michigan guarantee the lifetime medical benefits which are not limited for who injured in an accident. The insurance company in Michigan will play an insurance up to $555,000 then the MCCA (Michigan Catastrophic Claim Association) will take the rest medical payment.


Also, for the Michigan drivers help the fund of MCCA by paying all over the year up to $170 for each year. However, the Michigan Insurance Fraud Awareness Coalition found some insurance fraud. It found around 10% from all claim were fraudulent and took around $150 million. It can be concluded that the crime of insurance in Michigan hold around $200 to $300 in every year. This condition makes some driver could not afford a policy but still driving. In this high cost makes some Michigan’s drivers continue to drive around without any insurance.


Right after Michigan, there is Louisiana which ever held the most expensive state. In some years, Louisiana dropped into the fourth place but up again into the second position. Louisiana has the second place for the most expensive annual premium which is $1,921. Not too different from Michigan, it has higher drivers without any insurance. Around 14% drivers in Louisiana drives around without any protection. If there are drivers with insurance, they only carry the bare bones policy. Some of the working poor see the ads which saying that they will get the money and get the bigger check for the minor accident.

In that situation, the litigation is the factor why the rate of car insurance in Louisiana is high. Moreover, the driving and cheap gas were widespread, so that becomes the distracted driving. According to The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, there is apron 192 people died, and around 27,000 people were injured in Louisiana from 2011 to 2015 because of the distractions.  In that situation, this cycle will continue in order to the claims and will be ended up in some litigation.


For the third place, there is Connecticut which holds an average annual premium of $1,897. This average gas 44% higher than the national average. One of the factors of this condition is the State Pala has higher vehicle density rather than other states for per square mile on roads. For the Connecticut, drivers must know the condition while driving around there in summer. They knew that how many cars will head to the highway that makes blood pressure up. In that condition, some accidents might happen due to the jammed roads. Connecticut Insurance Commissioner, Katharine L. Wade, stated that there is another factor why the rates of car insurance in Connecticut is high since the Connecticut residents buy higher coverage and even full coverage for their cars. It strengthens by the fact that Connecticut has highest income for per capita which is $58,747.

This condition resulted in many of citizens but the expensive cars and paid more insurance fee. Although there are some of them, have cheap cars and small limits, they still pay a lot of claims. This situation comes up because of some expensive car on the highway that can be damaged. Wade also added that the rate of car insurance in Connecticut is stabilized for the last two years in 3.1% and 4.4% increasing.

Moreover, the process of cost to be filed is another reason of the higher rates of insurance car in Connecticut. The insurance companies can set rates for few state regulations regulatory. For the lower states, the cost might have tighter rules. The drivers of Connecticut has many options which are more than 100 car insurance companies that can be chosen. So, to find the best way it is better to find around to get the best price. However, because of the high cost of car insurance makes some of the drivers out of the market. As III (Insurance Information Institute) estimated, there is around 21% of drivers who were not insured in 2012. For these uninsured drivers already raised the interest rates since some of them shared a pool of risks.

Sometimes, the high cost of car insurance will make some unscrupulous behavior. In some cases, some of the Michigan drivers will buy the seven days policy in order to let them have an insurance proof. So, when they register the vehicle, the policy will be expired a week after. In that condition, it leads the driver to be uninsured. For some reason, the cost will not go down easily for anytime. The change of cost will be based on the PIP. If the PIP is changed or even discarded all in together, so the rates will remain high. For some reason, the average of car insurance cannot be predicted until the result come. The change of policy may modify this rank. On the other hand, the average car insurance rates by a state will help you to know more about the car insurance rate for some state so that will help you to prepare in where will you live later. Then,

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