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The Cheapest Average Car Insurance in California

The average car insurance California included as the most expensive car insurance rates. Some of the analysts have been analyzed the data of the cost insurance which proved the California’s drivers. It founded that the car insurance rate depends on where you live. The cost of insurance can range from one company to another company. To get the lowest price, you have to the get around the insurance companies to compare the offer. So, here are some data and information about the insurance car rate in California.

Average Car Insurance California: Low to High

Average Car Insurance California

For the first, we can check the lowest one which is Los Angeles. This city has the most economical car insurance as stated by the GEICO. The average cost of car insurance in Lost Angeles is around $2,257 for 30 years old male driver. LA also has the cheapest companies which have rates around 30% cheaper than the insurance average. In Los Angeles lever, the cost can change drastically. Although you may skip one or two zip codes in LA, it still has different. For instance, moving the major garage or the parking lot from Walnut to Long Beach. It can increase the annual auto insurance premium. It also happens if you move the car park from Long Beach to Walnut so that the annual car insurance premium will reduce of $259 for 30 years old male driver. Overall, Los Angeles has the average level of $1,780 which around 25% of it cities have rates under $1,700. For the cheapest one goes to Walnut. It has only $1,483 meanwhile the expensive one for LA in $2,257.

Then, San Diego placed the second cheapest insurance car for California. Although San Diego becomes the America’s Finest City with 1.3 million residents, San Diego has the most competitive car insurance for some companies. From some information, there are top five insurance companies in California offer the cheapest car insurance. For the first is GEICO which has the rate of $1,252 and Nationwide for $1,272. Then, there are also State Farm which has $1,512 followed by Grange which has $1,572. After that, the Progressive has the rate of $1,623. So, San Diego average of car insurance is about $1,950.

For the next is San Jose. It also has the cheapest car insurance in California. The annual premium form San Jose is around $1,163. It starts from GEICO which has the rate of $1,076 followed by Nationwide which has $1,080, Century National which has $1,332, Grange which has $1,332, and State Farm which has $1,608. Also, there is San Francisco. You can get the cheapest car insurance also from the top five insurance companies. You can start from the cheapest one which is from Century National then follow by others like GEICO, Nationwide, Grange, and State Farm. For the average cost in San Francisco, it has around $1,288 in each year. Then, the Golden Gate City is placed in 55th rank as the most expensive city in California. With over 963 miles of public roads and 49 scenic drivers, there are the plenty area of 805,000 for San Francisco residents to drive.

If you want to the cheapest one, you can also look into car insurance in Fresno. It has around 495,000 residents who mostly have a short day trip driving which has less than 80 miles. From the top five companies, Fresno has the affordable car insurance. The cheapest one is from GEICO which has only $967 then followed by Nationwide which has $1,008, State Farm with $1,272, Grange which has $1,332, and Century National which has $1,380. So, for the average cost of car insurance in Fresno up to only $1,592.

Although Long Beach is more expensive than Fresno, Long Beach includes as the cheapest car insurance in California. Different from others, in Long Beach Nationwide, takes place as the cheapest insurance. Nationwide has $1,176 in Long Beach followed by Century National which has $1,188, GEICO which has $1,403, Grange which has $1,524, and State Farm which had $1,632. So, the average of car insurance for Long Beach is around $1,742. It has around 39% difference from Citywide average which is $1,256.

Sacramento also has the cheapest rate for car insurance. Although Sacramento becomes the capital of California, it still has most low-cost car insurance. It can be seen from the cost of top five car insurances in Sacramento. Not too different from Long Beach, the first insurance company which has the cheapest cost in Sacramento is Nationwide. It has only $912, lower than Long Beach. Then, it followed by other enterprises such as Century National which has $984, GEICO which has $1,108, Progressive which has $1,391, and Allied which has $1,392. So, the average of cost car insurance in Sacramento is around $1,480.

You may also check the vehicle insurance in Oakland which has the population around 391,000 residents. It becomes the eight largest cities in California. It takes the 12th position as the cheapest car insurance. For the first most competitive insurance company in Oakland in Century National which has $828. Then, it followed by other top four companies which are Nationwide with $924, GEICO with $1,077, Grange with $1,260, and also State Farm with $1,272. In that situation, Oakland has average car insurance about $1,408.

From the data above, you should also know that California already requires the policies of car insurance. For the bodily injury, it has $15,000 for per person and $30,000 for per accident. Then, the property damage will be given from $5,000 for per accident. Meanwhile, the lowest number of insurance coverage that you will get based on the loss. In serious traffic accidents, the insurance company will pay a policy limit then the additional amount of the hospital care or car repair will be responsible for you. These average car insurance California will help you in taking some consideration to taking the car insurance. There are some factors for the different rate in the different location. Once again, a location

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