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Care for your Pets with GEICO Pet Insurance

Animals have the tendency of doing something unexpected. And they don’t aware much of how the human’s world works. Same goes with the docile and smart pet, we humans usually have, such as cats or dogs. You may consider yourself as the parents of your pets, but do you know what they do in your absence? Or what do they eat if they don’t find any food in their bowls? With whom do they interact with?

Imagine this, and you see your pet is enjoying its day in the lawn, somehow the gate is opened by your little sister, seizing the opportunities to see outer world, your pet ran through the gate hastily. Bang. You hear the sound of a car brake so sudden, and a surprised yelp from your pet echoes. Thank God nothing happens much with your pet, but you see their food consumption decrease, and their belly swollen and darken. You then go to the doctor for treatment, after a while turns out one of they have a hernia out of the crash. After being diagnosed by the doctor, you continue to the payment for next step vet service. How surprising it is to find out the vet service cost as much as your gym membership for three months! It is almost the end of a month, and you have no money left except your saving for buying that thing you want. What are you going to do? Will you let your pet dies?

 GEICO Pet Insurance

Most of the people who have the pet don’t really realize that their pet may sick or getting into an accident, even more often than you usually aware of. Knowing how expensive it is, and with limited vets in the city, you may want to consider saving up for your pet. The cheapest service of veterinary care is around $50 in the US, while some common digestive problem of weird so-called “food” your pet ate, may cost for around $2,964. With that price, you can buy a motorbike with 12-month installment every month. And that is only the cheapest one. Who knows they may have extended time sickness that is undetected, just like cancers, and it may cost up to $10,000. It is the part when you may peek the pet insurance. Just like any insurance, the pet insurance also profits from wellness, but to an animal. It ensures the wellbeing of your animal will not be as expensive as it supposed to be, especially in healthcare. Pet insurance marketed for the most efficient solutions, it offers coverage for even the annual check-up.

The Government Employees Insurance Company, short fort GEICO insurance has been around for 81 years ago, started as just an auto insurance. In the last few years, GEICO is beginning to get creative with their products, one of them is to team up with Embrace Pet Insurance to make the ultimate pet insurance product. The GEICO Pet Insurance only covers dogs and cats, just likes any pet insurance do since they are the tamest and cooperative species with the human.

It’s a smart move of GEICO Insurance to join up with Embrace Pet Insurance; currently, they are the better one for pet companies. For the policies, Embrace Pet Insurance are cheap, has lots of promotions, and are easy to get, and it has excellent reviews for their options. Their customer service, even though not always perfect, has an excellent online survey for their claim, it even has 92% of customer satisfaction from Pet Insurance Quotes, and score three out of five stars from Customers Affairs reviews. Somehow it is cute to see GEICO’s website have life tips article that tells people how to live safely as if they care about our lives. Not to mention they have the whole sections about tips for living with cats and dogs too. Maybe GEICO is good alternatives anyway, their mascots is an animal too, showing that they should care for fellow animal’s admirers.

If you are concerned for your pets (and you should be!), and thinking about getting the GEICO Pet Insurance/Embrace Pet Insurance, here is the list of pros and cons that may get you into considerations:

Pros Cons
It has the most comprehensive plans for dogs and cats. There are the annual wellness exams, to check if you are a good owner or not.
The annual coverage plan is customizable. Not coverings any pre-existing conditions
It has lots of discount programs. Give more expensive premiums for old pets.
It has coverage for alternative health care. Not covering any damage of pre-existing prosthetic limbs
Covered for life.
It has coverage of congenital and hereditary conditions.

Another consideration you may want to think of are the conditions of your pets before you sign up for the pet insurance. They are the breeds, ages, and the area you live in. Considering the breeds just because some animals are easier to get sick, some are even easier to get plagued by fleas. The coverings for an older pet are more expensive, rather than the young ones, just like any personal insurances. While the area you and your pet’s lives, are just to make the customers feel easier when finding any pet hospitals. Usually, the busier an area is, the more expensive the veterinary care too.

However, do you need any pet insurance? There is another way to prevent or just to be ready if anything bad happens with your beloved pet, in this case, if you prefer not having any pet insurance. You can always spare an emergency pet fund, that is, you just need to save a couple of hundred dollars for your pet’s wellbeing. But then, rarely anyone has any time (or wills) for that. The pet insurance itself is for the people who love their pets, but loves their money more, definitely for economic reasons. Care well for your pet though, because the moment you pick your pet, they are part of your responsibility too, starting from their wellbeing and happiness too.

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