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How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is more than medical insurance for pets. For pet parents, it is a peace of mind that you should have. You don’t want to pay the expensive bill when your best friend gest injured or sick, right?  Pet insurance covers almost everything for your pet. But when it comes to chronic conditions, you have to know the difference in insurance coverage. There are different types of coverage for veterinary fees. Usually, the cheaper versions will pay out for a condition within a set period. It will also include a cover on the overall amount. Next, you will pay a covered amount on a condition per year. The total amount that you spend it’s better for a lifetime cover as long as premiums are kept up. If you want to get cheap pet insurance, here are the things that will influence them:

Six Factors That Will Influence Pet Health Insurance

Cheap Pet Insurance

  1. Breed

Some breed is known to have some specific health traits and malformations. Thus, actuaries factor these into pet health insurance plan. For example, the Saga Saver cover, which is the insurer’s most popular policy, the cost of covering Chow Chow dog insurance plan can cost four times as much as a cover for a mongrel dog of the same age, sex, and location. It’s better to ask a breeder’s association, and they will recommend an insurer for a given breed.

  1. Your location

Pet health insurance will depend on where you live. Your postcode and area will affect premiums heavily because of the costs of veterinary treatment. For example, a veterinarian in Illinois is likely to charge you a much lower fee than one in California. Also, let’s assume that quality of life also plays a part in health, then some insurance companies will take this into their considerations too. Another example is when you live in rural area, it may be perceived that your per is expected to get more exercise and it will be of a better quality.

  1. Excesses

An excess is also a part of the claim that the claimant pays. You can check on how these are applied on the insurance companies’ website. Excesses tend to incline differently. It depends on the type of your pets. The premium will be affected with any insurance the excess you choose, even if there is such an option.

  1. Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney, and arthritis can strike your beloved pet just as they can humans. Make sure you know if the coverage also includes this conditions if the insured pet is afflicted.

  1. Age

The cost of insurance will quickly increase as your pet gets older. For instances, quotes yearly premiums of $250 on its General policy for a small two-year-old Chihuahua living in Manhattan, where its headquarters is. Based on the same criteria the cost for a five-year-old bulldog would be $500

  1. Liability cover

Liability cover mainly for dogs. It may well come under household, pet insurance, or farm insurance. Or else, it can be attained with other institutes.

We got several test quotes from some pet insurance companies to make the list of cheap pet health insurance companies. The insurance is for both cats and dogs in multiple cities around the country. We then calculated and averaged the data together to come up with this final results. The four listed insurance companies below are consistently scored the best by offering the most affordable and easiest pet insurance quotes. Chooses as high of a deductible and pay as you can manage to keep your rates as cheap as possible. Doing this will lower your monthly premiums. The best thing you can do is compare and obtain quotes from several different pet insurance providers so you can determine which can offer you the best coverage you need and the most affordable one.

The Best Cheap Pet Insurance Providers

  1. Pets Best

Surprisingly, Pets Best’s plans are affordable considering all they offer. If you choose the Level 1 plan, it covers illnesses and accidents, and it also covers even congenital and hereditary conditions. Pets Best also offers a various plan of extras including behavioral therapy, pregnancy, and chronic illness coverage. If these plans are not what you need, there’s also several specialty policies options that offer more limited coverage yet cost at a very low price. The plans are Cancer-Only, Accident-Only, and Feline Illness plans. Those plans can be considered if you are just looking for a basic level or specific coverage to have on hand.

  1. ASPCA

ASPCA also offers some of the most affordable pet health insurance in all of the cities in the United States. One of the most popular plans from ASPCA is the Level 1 plan which covers accidents. Although it only covers accidents, they cover all costs from hospitalization, medical treatment, and surgery which costs up to $2,500 per incident. Other levels of coverage are available to choose. They offer higher benefit and coverage such as illnesses and behavioral therapy.

  1. PetPremium

PetPremium is another best company to check if you are looking for affordable pet health insurance. The company offers quotes which very similar to ASPCA for both cats and dogs. Like ASPCA, their most affordable plan covers accidents only. But if you are just looking for a little emergency protection, this can be a good option. Especially, if your cats and dogs have been got into an accident before and you just want to give protection just in case. This plan covers everything from surgeries, medication, to rehabilitation. If this plan doesn’t offer the protection that you want, you can always choose another option of the three other plans that PetPremium offers. Some plans are a bit more expensive, but they also offer more coverage for illnesses, and you can get more benefits.

  1. VPI

Last but not least, VPI also offers affordable pet insurance. Similar to other companies, VPI also covers accident only as their affordable pet health insurance plan. But VPI’s policies are quite cheap compared to the rest of insurance providers. They cover accidents, medical treatment, illnesses, and even chronic conditions.

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