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Grundy Classic Car Insurance: The Best and Experienced One in State

As purchasing a car, you surely need protecting it from damage. For that reason, car insurance is needed. Some of you probably have no idea about the benefits of getting car insurance. There are loads of advantages that you can get by owning car insurance. Car insurance will help you in covering financial cost of car damage during accident, theft, and animal or tree crash. If you still have no any car insurance, you better get a quote now.

Get a fast Quote from Grundy Classic Insurance Company

Talking about car insurance, today you can easily found it anywhere. However, make sure to have the best and experienced one as choosing it. Grundy is one of the well-known insurance company that coverage cars, homeowners, yacht, and others. One thing that makes this better than the rest is Grundy offers Grundy classic car insurance program. Since 1947, James A. Grundy founded the insurance company. At that time, Grundy also discovered Agreed Value Insurance for protecting classic car collections of his father in law. Until now, Grundy is still famous as the great insurance company for the antique or vintage automobile. With all those experienced years, it can be said that Grundy becomes the best classic insurance company. No one knows better about how protecting car collections as it should be than Grundy. In 1995, Grundy had about 10,000 collectors, and it increased become over 1,000,000 in 1981. What a great experience!

The Benefits of Owning Grundy Car Insurance

Grundy Classic Car Insurance

Due to the existence of other recent and famous car insurance, you may wonder what you will get off having Grundy classic car insurance. What are the benefits? As it has been said, Grundy is the best insurance that specializes in a classic and antique car. For years, they have great experiences in covering people’s antique car collections. Grundy provides better coverage for classic cars with lower premiums than others standard car insurance agencies. That is the first things why you don’t need to worry of insuring your car with Grundy.

Also, Grundy also has helped over 1,5 million collectors and won many awards in the United States. Grundy’s hobby of taking care classic vehicle helps him to recognize what other people’s needs and wants. Besides, the Agreed Value concept also offers some benefit for you. This idea makes both the owner and agent put an agreed value on the classic car before the policy is valid. This kind of idea makes the owner receives the full value of the vehicle due to a total loss.  This program is available for any year vehicles, even late model vehicles while it only used for show or hobby.

When it comes to car insurance, people surely will consider its quality. Grundy received A+ or superior rating from A.M Best for its stable financial. It means that Grundy has great quality for managing car insurance. Grundy provides great liability up to $1,000,000 and offers single liability cost if you have over one vehicle. Grundy classic vehicle insurance policies provide many programs such as spare part loss coverage, labor expense, towing expense, vehicle show medical compensation, new acquisition 30-day coverage, and others. Despite providing great coverage, Grundy also has several restrictions. You need to store the vehicle inside the locked garage as it is not in use. Also, your vehicle should be in good condition, and it only used for collector doings.

Grundy also has no limits ranging from other classic car insurance. Normally, car insurance will put limits from 1,000 miles to 6,000 miles every year. However, Grundy let you drive your car as you want without thinking about its mileage limit. With all those great things, Grundy surely can be ideal classic insurance for you. Check this out to know more how Grundy will protect your old classic vehicle.

Protect Your Car with Grundy Insurance

Talking about classic car insurance, the first thing that comes up is what types that this company will cover. Is it only for very old cars or not? Grundy receives vehicles of all years, even the most type here is 25 years-old vehicle or older than it. However, if you own modern vehicles, you also can insure here. Besides, Grundy also receives modified cars that have modifies bodies, higher performance, or suspensions. Grundy is not only an expert for antique vehicles but also all kind of vehicle. They know how to protect it based on the Agreed Value. Then, how do we agree on the car’s value? How’s the process?

The value of your car surely will include both owner and agent in the process. All you need to is only sending some pictures of your cars to Grundy and telling about the value of your car. After that, you will have kind of consultation with Grundy car’s experts in order to set Agreed Value. Once it has been set, the Agreed Value will never be decreased without your desire. Then, is there any regulation from Grundy as I want to use the car?

Unlike other classic car insurances, Grundy let you use the car as like as you want. Grundy has no yearly mileage limitation program like the others, making you enjoy the car as you like. They offer unlimited miles to make the owner enjoy its activities, even for work. However, one regulation that is given by Grundy is you cannot use the car for everyday use. Grundy obliges you to have another car for the daily driver. What’s more, your car also needs to be locked in a garage as not in use. If you park it outside, make sure to park it in a fully protected area such as hotel or apartment parking lot. Then, what kind of coverages that are included?

There are a lot of coverages that Grundy provide to its clients. Here are the lists:

  • Full Agreed Value warranty
  • No deductible
  • Up to $250 coverage for Towing and Labor
  • Up to $1,000,000 coverage for Liability
  • Full Comprehensive and Collision
  • Medical benefits (State Required PIP)
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist
  • Up to $500 coverage for Spare parts inventory
  • Inflation Guard Value Protection
  • Up to $600 coverage for Trip Interruption
  • Newly Acquired Vehicles Automatic Coverage
  • Uninterrupted Coverage as your car is in during repairs in a shop.

With all those benefits above, you surely do not need to be worry to protect your classic car with Grundy. Not only providing great programs, but Grundy also offers fast and simple step for getting a claim. You can get your claim online or by phone. For applying for the insurance, you may visit its official site and get a quote on the same day.

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