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Homeowners Insurance Companies

If you are a newbie when it comes to homeowners insurance, you might be surprised by the fact that this insurance will protect your physical structure and all the things inside. You need to know that the insurance coverage also includes the liability coverage. It means when you charged for damages or injuries for someone else, the insurance company will pay it for you. For instance, someone slipped on your front steps. Between these two types of coverage, there are still tons of options that you can choose such as add-on coverages, choose how the set the replacement value of your properties, as well as raise or lower the dollar limits.

Homeowners Insurance Companies

But, since you are a newbie to anything related to homeowners insurance, we are here to help you find the right Homeowners insurance companies. Don’t worry, and you are not alone since 60% of United States homes are underinsured. This number means that the majority of homeowners in the United States don’t know anything about what kind of coverage they should get. Furthermore, they are also at a higher financial risk if they don’t get insurance for their home.

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates

  1. Allstate: Best for First-Time Homebuyers

Allstate is the best insurance company for first-time homebuyers. This company is perfect for you as a newbie since some coverage options, and technical terms can feel overwhelming. To help you better understand about homeowners insurance, you can check Allstate’s website which contains a library of best-in-class –resources. The site provides everything for the customers from articles, videos, infographics, to quizzes.

One of best things about Allstate is that they have a feature called Common and Costly Claims tool which lets customers type in their ZIP code and see what the most common claims in their region is. The machine also completed with average dollar amounts. It even played Google Street View video of your home as it counts its risks. Allstate’s tools and resources section also provides great tip sheets and articles on home safety topics. Those will help you maintain your home and prepare for the worst. This company also offers you the largest volume of discounts, including discounts for the home with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, or deadbolt locks, as well as being claim-free for at least one year and for enrolling in autopay. How great is that?

  1. Amica: Easiest Claims Process

Amica homeowners insurance reviews are known as the company with its most straightforward claims process. This insurance company always ranks among the top Homeowners carriers. They have the best customer satisfaction with the claims process. The easy claims process is the factor which makes Amica becomes an insurance company that received a 5/5. This rating based on customer satisfaction with providers’ settlement, repair process, and estimation. Like other reviews from their customers, Amice allows you file a claim completely online. And the tools will assist you in the all process. Plus, they will guide you step by step to make a claim. It is the big advantage of Amica since other insurance companies only offer FAQ articles or they just suggest you to call an agent.

  1. Metlife

If you check their website, it offers more than a page to homeowners insurance. Compared to other companies this is not good. But, don’t be so judgmental since Metlife homeowners insurance ranks as the company with best replacement coverage. Yes, the company redeemed itself with a standard coverage offering what rare in insurance’s market nowadays. They guaranteed you with replacement cost coverage for both structure and contents. What does it mean? It means that if your home and everything inside (the contents) are broken or destroyed, your MetLife insurance policy will guarantee you the full cost of replacing them. Other companies typically offer extended replacement cost coverage only.

It means that the insurance company will only pay 25 to 50% of the value of the home. For example, let’s say that your home valued at $ 300,000 but the cost of replacement is $ 500,000. With MetLife that has guaranteed replacement coverage, they will pay the full $ 500,000 cost to replace your home. Meanwhile, other companies only pay up to $ 250,000. The extra coverage can make a real difference in a worst-case scenario. This insurance company also received good reviews for its claims filing experience and timely payouts. As for the Consumer Reports Reader Score, they get a solid number which is 80, second only to Amica Insurance.

  1. The Hatford

The Hatford home insurance is great at fastest quote process. The company appreciated by its customers with its online quote tool. It produces a policy prince just in minutes! Although choosing home insurance policies can be difficult, The Hartford improves the process by walking you through their clear and transparent explanations. It will help you understand the information that you need to provide. Moreover, you can open a live chat with The Hatford home insurance representative when you complete your quote.

It is a good way to clear up any confusion and miscommunication. On the other hand, another insurance company doesn’t even offer an online quote tool. If you want to see your pricing and coverage options, you have to do it in the old-fashioned way which is called your nearest agent. Other insurance companies quote tool is just fine. But if you compared them with The Hartford, you will realize that speed and flexibility matter most which is offered by this company.

  1. State Farm: Most Popular

State Farm is also one of best homeowners insurance companies. This company is the most popular than any other companies in the United States. State Farm’s tools, resources, coverage options, and discounts are all top-notch. If you check their FAQ section, it offers a detailed explanation of homeowners insurance, how to choose the best coverage option, and how it works. They also have some tips for homeowners from thief prevention to home security strategies. Moreover, some topics even feature video tutorials.

That’s our top-5 companies for homeowners companies. So, what is your choice?

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