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Metlife Homeowners Insurance Review

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, better known as MetLife, is one of the largest global providers of insurance. The company  founded on March 24, 1868, and now it has 90 million customers in over 60 countries. If you are looking for homeowners insurance, you can consider MetLife as your provider. Let’s take a look at MetLife homeowners insurance review below.


MetLife comes as one of the most reliable insurance companies that will ensure the replacement cost. They will give you extra protection with your house structure and its content. It means that you don’t need to be afraid about the property you have. This coverage will pay the full amount required to replace or repair your property without factoring in devaluation. Other insurance companies will only pay you for the actual, devalued of your insured property and sometimes isn’t always enough. If you do not want to get stuck with out-of-pocket costs, replacement coverage from this company is worth checking out.

Metlife Homeowners Insurance

Unfortunately, MetLife falls behind most of the insurance industry in term of mobile and online tools. It is quite bothering since you can’t get a quote or file a claim online. Instead, you should call and speak to the representative or fill out the contact form on MetLife’s website then wait for them to call you back. The minus point of this company is in claims resolution. MetLife doesn’t permit you to choose your contractor. Instead, you will rely on its network. If you have a contractor that you choose to work with and they are not a part of this network means that you may want to choose another insurance company by requesting a quote online.

MetLife Homeowners Insurance Reviews


MetLife Insurance Company promises a hassle-free approach to homeowners insurance. They offer comprehensive, straightforward coverage as well as streamline claims processes and sales. All of this also back up by their outstanding customer service. Is it true? Sort of. If we take a look at the coverage, MetLife is hard to beat compared to other insurance companies. They are one for the only Homeowners insurance company in the market which offer guaranteed replacement cost average for your home. Most companies will only pay the devalued of your home or other properties. Sometimes, the money from the company will not be enough to pay the rebuild your house. However, if you choose MetLife as your provider, they will pay the total amount to rebuild or repair your home, regardless of devaluation. They also pay the full replacement cost of your personal property which is stolen or damaged.


However, while their product is good, their service needs to be improved. If you want to know more about quotes and policy options, the only way to know it by getting on the phone. You will also have to call their agent if you need to file a claim. You can’t submit your documents online or file your complaint through the mobile app or a web account. Since MetLife has its network, they don’t allow you to choose your contractor for repairs. Even they have more than 2,200 general contractors across the nation, for some people who have their contractor they prefer to work with, this will be an issue. Maybe you also want to explore some other options. These factors contributed heavily to MetLife’s average rating in insurance companies’ survey. The overall rating from this company is that the customers disappointed with MetLife’s repair process but they are satisfied with the fairness of the settlement that they got.

In the Deep Dive

Few discounts. This company offers you bundling discount as well as safety discounts if you install security systems, fire alarms, or deadbolts in your home. You can also be qualified for group discounts through your employer. But that’s it. Being a new homeowner or remaining company will get you discounts in any other insurance company. Both aspects won’t make you save additional money with MetLife.

You can’t get a quote and claim a file online. It is their biggest downfall as they don’t have an online quote tool. If you want to learn more about quotes and policy options from MetLife, you need to get a phone with their agent.

Lackluster mobile apps. Although they have mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, the apps’ capabilities are limited. The apps only allow you to view your home insurance documents and pay your bill. You can’t update policy information or file and track a claim through their app.

You should call if you want to file a claim. Most insurance companies allow customers to submit or track their claims online. However, MetLife doesn’t work this way, and you need to contact their representative by phone then wait for the company to call you back with more details about your claim.

Full replacement cost of your home. The best advantages of MetLife is they offer guaranteed replacement coverage for your home and property. So, the total cost of repairs will be covered up to your policy limit. You can’t get this advantage in most insurance companies. When you file a claim, they just pay the actual value of your home only. Sometimes the money is not always enough to cover the full cost of a repair, and you have to pay the rest.

Only pay one deductible for home and auto. Another great thing is that when you bundle your home and auto insurance in MetLife, you just have to pay one deductible for both. It would benefit you if your home and vehicle damaged at the same time or accident.

Identity theft protection services. Every Homeowners policy from MetLife includes identity theft protection services. This coverage will help you to cover the costs of restoring your identity if it’s stolen.

It has outstanding coverage for personal property. The last advantage that you can get from MetLife is they will pay to replace or repair stolen or damaged personal property without factoring in devaluation. So, if you valuables property such as gold, jewelry, art, or antiques which may not fully cover under their policy, you can still add an endorsement to raise your coverage limit to protect those items effectively.

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