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Why You Need Progressive Pet Insurance

Do you know that the Progressive Insurance Company also sells pet insurance through Pets Best? Not to be confused with Progressive’s Pet Injury Coverage, Progressive Pet Insurance offers more coverage than just the injury coverage. As we know that Progressive’s Pet Injury is a part of its automobile insurance policy which offers coverage for a pet dog or pet cat injury sustained in covered automobile accident such as fire or theft related claims. With pet health insurance from the Progressive, you can prevent your lovely pet against accidents or illnesses before they happen.

What is pet insurance?

Before we go in-depth about Progressive Pet Insurance, it’s better to know about what pet insurance is. Pet health insurance is an insurance which offers coverage for illnesses, hospitalization, prescribed medications, accidents and more for your pet dog or pet cat. The good thing about this insurance is the policy start as low as $1 per day. There are some types of pet insurance plans which are illnesses, accidents, injuries, prescription medications, surgeries, hospitalization, cancer treatments, visits to specialists, MRI, CT scans and X-rays, after-hours emergency, acupuncture, and chiropractic, as well as hereditary and congenital conditions. Pet insurance also covers routine pet care such as vaccinations, annual exams, and teeth cleaning.

Progressive Pet Insurance

We will remind you again that pet insurance is different from Pet Injury Protection. It already included in a Progressive auto insurance policy which has Collision coverage. This insurance will pay you a certain amount for medical care if your cat or dog gets hurt in a car accident. Meanwhile, pet insurance doesn’t work this way.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance plans offer a simple compensation option. When you meet your annual deductible, you will get compensated up to 70% 80%, or 90% of your veterinary bills for all covered injuries and illnesses. You can also choose how much compensation coverage you want. Just simply submit a claim form online with a copy of your invoice then wait for five business days, and your claim already processed.

Why you need pet insurance?

Being a pet parent means that your daily life will be full of little surprises. Sometimes enjoyable and other times not. The next time you have to pay an unexpected veterinary bill, you won’t have to use your credit cards, borrowing money, or maybe choosing euthanasia since you can’t afford to pay the bill for worse. Don’t let this happened to you and your pet. It can have the best veterinarian treatment without making you worry about a financial thing. Here are four reasons why you need to get per insurance as fast as possible.

  1. Cats & dogs get sick

Just like a human being, your pet can also get sick at a moment’s notice. Common symptoms included diarrhea and vomiting can often happen for some reasons. Those can be signs of something more serious. Cats and dogs can also suffer serious illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, and cancer which can end up costs you a lot of money for the regular veterinary visits, test, medications, and also surgeries.

2. It’s the right thing to do

As a human being, we have car insurance, health insurance, and homeowner insurance to protect us financially form the unlikely and unexpected events. Pet insurance is no different. Veterinary care is rising its cost for a good reason. The consideration available to pets is as important as human medical care. Pets are part of the family too. You as pet parent need to go to extreme lengths to help their pet live happy, long, and healthy lives. With pet insurance, they offer you to afford your veterinarian treatments for your lovely pet without making you broke.

  1. Cat and dogs get injured or have accidents

Accidents can happen at any time whether your pet is mischievous, brave or just unlucky. The injury includes torn nails, broken bones, lacerations or worse, getting hit by a car. A survey from Pets Best 2013 report that 4 out of 5 pets will experience a medical emergency in their lifetime.

  1. Veterinary bills can be expensive and come at unexpected times

Since life is full of surprises, you never know what will happen next. By protecting your finance with pet insurance, it will help you to protect your pet. When unexpected veterinary visits occur, you can just simply pay it with your credit card, then file a claim. If your application approved, you could get the compensation by the end of the week.

Why purchase pet health insurance in the Progressive?

At its core, pet insurance makes pet health care more affordable. It is also a way to budget a small amount for a large veterinary bill just in a case. Not to mention that by purchasing pet insurance means that you are also buying peace of mind in the event which something may happen to your cat or dog. When you choose the Progressive means you can:

Save money. It is the first thing that you can get from the Progressive. You will get compensated for most, or all, of your veterinary bills once you meet your annual deductible. You will get a discount if you insure multiple pets. On top of that, rates vary by age, species, breed, and location. It means that you will always pay for coverage specific to your beloved pet.

Feel confident. Coverage never stops based on age so that you can enroll your pets as young as seven weeks old. The coverage includes illness, prescription medicine, hospitalization, surgery, accidents, and cancer treatments. It also covered pet care like teeth cleaning, annual check-ups, and even vaccinations.

Get quick and easy compensation. You can file a claim online and typically claims will be processed within five business days.

Choose any veterinarian. If your pet does need medical treatment, Progressive allows you to choose any licensed veterinarian, emergency care clinic, or specialist. It can be anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to worry if you are on a trip with your pet.

Sounds like a good deal to you, right? Check Progressive website to know more about their pet insurance!

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