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Short Term Disability Insurance Review and Benefits

Having insurance indeed becomes an essential thing which can be useful for our life. When it comes to protection, people usually decide to pick life insurance, auto insurance, or homeowners insurance. There is another insurance which is truly important as well, short-term disability insurance. As an employee, working sometimes can be the dangerous thing to health, especially for adults. Even, there are several issues of death and injuries at an office.  As this problem happens, you probably wonder whether you still have the money or not for paying the medical bills. At that time, the short-term disability coverage may help.

The short-term disability insurance overview

Short Term Disability Insurance

Talking about this kind of insurance, some of you probably still wonder what short-term disability insurance is. Short-term disability insurance will help you by paying a percentage of worker’s salary as she/he gets temporarily disabled for working in short-time due to injury, accident, or illness. Most short-term disability insurance coverage pays typically 40 to 70% percentage of employee’s base salary. The employee can get this benefit between three and six months. Moreover, you also can get maximum amount every month as having this insurance. However, typical short-term disability insurance also own limited amount of time up to 2 years.

As you want to get a short term disability insurance quote, this one can be purchased by the employee or the employer. All short-term disability coverage is guaranteed, so you do not need to get a medical exam for buying this insurance. As you already have this insurance, you can get benefit after 0 to 14 days after you get disabled from working. However, it also depends on your injury or illness. Your coverage will be paid as quickly as possible as you get an injury. Meanwhile, the coverage will take longer time as you suffer illness. For instance, as you get injured by falling off the stairs, your coverage will be immediately paid; however, as you have a serious disease and disable from working, you need to wait for more until eight days.

The Benefits of Short-term Disability Benefits

As an insurance which is mostly purchased by workers, this short-term disability insurance surely has many benefits. The STD insurance offers you financial interest by paying 40 to 60 percent of your salary for a specific period as you get ill or injured. The STD insurance will help you protecting your salary and living standard as you get disabled from working. The benefits will replace a percentage of your salary as you cannot do your job due to illness and injury. The STD insurance will help you with the living cost such as paying for food, daily needs, housing, and others. If you are a pregnant woman, this STD insurance also can help you cover your needs.

What is STD insurance pregnancy?

Besides covering employee from illness and injury, this STD insurance also cover pregnancy condition as well.  The short-term disability insurance pregnancy pays part of salary as you are unable to do the job due to pregnancy. As you own short-term disability pregnancy insurance, you need to wait for a short-time period to get the coverage.

You may ask your employer or the staff that organize your plan of short-term disability to decide the maternity leave period. However, you actually can get the benefits before the due date as by using certification from the doctor. As you have doctor certification, you probably will be considered disabled for about one week before your due date. Otherwise, if you get some medical complications which make you unable from working, your doctor needs to make medical records. This way can make you get benefit before the actual date.

The Short-term disability insurance in California

When talking about STD insurance, this kind of protection is not offered in all countries. Only some areas provide this STD insurance, including the California. The short term disability California or also known as Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) is specially provided for the employees. Just like other STD insurance, the employees here pay the insurance through their salary deduction.

Later on, they will get the benefits as they are unable for working because of their disability such as injury, illness, or pregnancy. Even, some insurance companies in California offers family leaves coverage. This one will pay as the employee need some time from taking care family who has a serious illness. Due to the importance of this STD insurance, most employees in California are required to own this insurance program. Then, what kind of employees that eligible for California STD coverage?

Employees are eligible to own SDT insurance if they are unable to do their work because of disability and lost their salary. They are eligible if they get at least $300 in salary. The period of the benefits is normally one-year period before they submit a claim. In California, the employees commonly can get the benefits every two weeks. A number of your benefits will be based on your salary during your base period. The short-term disability coverage in California pays typically around 55% of your salary during your base period without subjected to tax. To get STD benefits, firstly you need to submit a claim to the state’s EDD / Employment Development Department in 7 weeks of being disabled to work. Then, you need to complete the waiting period for about seven days. Lastly, you need to submit an official disability medical certificate from the doctor.

Terms and Responsibility of Short-term Disability Insurance

If you are interested in having STD insurance, there are several terms and responsibilities that you need to understand. As having STD insurance, you are allowed to make a policy stated that you take sick days before having a short-term disability for illness or injury. Furthermore, you can involve documentation or certification from a doctor to prove your injury or illness. As you are being disabled from working, your employer can ask you to visit approved medical center to get information about your health. Also, the third-party administrator of claims will manage these aspects as the employee disabled from working. The employee is required to give regular updates on their health as quickly as possible. These rules need to be obeyed to avoid insurance fraud.

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