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Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies Review

Adopting a pet is indeed one of the pleasant things in life. Apart from the reason that pets are a funny and cute animal, having pet offers us several benefits. Several studies explain that having the pet can make us happier and healthier. However, having pet sometimes also can be exhausted and confusing thing, especially when you get more than one pet. Additionally, the rising cost of vet services today also becomes a big problem for some pet owners. It happens due to vet tech which becomes more advanced every time. As a result, many pet owners now are getting pet insurance to help them manage the vet bills.

Pet Insurance and Its coverage

Pet Insurance Companies

Some of you might probably think what does pet insurance cover? Do we need to have it? Does pet insurance worth it to get? Pet Insurance Companies offer protection for your pet to help you manage vet bills and pet’s needs. Pet insurance commonly will cover your vet bill as your pet get accident or illness such as poisoning, broken bones, lacerations, allergies, cancer, arthritis, and so forth. These pet insurance usually will include hospitalization, surgery, specialist visits, and emergency care. However, some of them sometimes only cover accident or illness only. Not only cover accident and disease, but some pet insurance also cover your pet treatments such as vaccinations, annual checkups, and preventative medications. A routine checkup will help your pets keep healthy.

Tips to get reliable company for pet insurance

As choosing pet insurance, there are some important considerations that you need to understand. Today, there are a lot of pet insurance companies offering many kinds coverage options with special deals, discounts, and affordable price. However, selecting pet insurance is not only about choosing cheaper one. You also need to know about the policies, coverage, quality, and others. Here is the tip to pick a reliable pet insurance company.

  • The Quality

The first one in choosing a pet insurance company is from the quality. A professional pet insurance pet company usually will have good quality and review. They have long-lasting costumers, good relation with the vet, and great experience in managing pet insurance. A professional pet insurance normally has good relation with licensed vets. Otherwise, they will allow you to choose any vet as your pet get injured or ill. Furthermore, pet insurance company which has good quality also own great services. Usually, the insurance company with excellent services will serve the costumers friendly. The facilities here also include the process of claiming, payment, and complaining.

  • The Coverage and Policy

As picking the right pet insurance company, you need pay attention to its coverage and policy. You need to know what the company cover and not. Choosing pet insurance company that offers several options for coverage is probably good. It will help you easier in choosing the coverage that fits your needs and budget. A good pet insurance commonly will cover both accident and illness. It also needs to cover breed-specific situations, including hereditary and genetic disease. Furthermore, you also need to know pet insurance reimbursement. There are several options for pet insurance. Most company commonly offer 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursements. The lower reimbursement level, the smaller your monthly payment will be.

  • The Price

The last consideration in choosing pet insurance company is the offering price. A good insurance company commonly will consult about your needs before starting to ensure your pet. It is important in helping choose the coverage that fits with your financial. As choosing pet insurance, make sure you know clearly about the charges. A great company normally will explain in detail about the price including deductibles, co-pays, and other charges.

Looking for best and reliable pet insurance company surely can be difficult sometimes. In order to make you easier in choosing the right one, here we provide some greatest pet insurance companies. This one can help you select the pet insurance that fits your needs and budget.

Best Pet Insurance Company Recommendation

  1. Healthy Paws

When it comes to pet insurance, you can leave it to Healthy Paws. This company offers some annual deductible levels, $100, $250, and $500. For the reimbursement, they offer 70%, 80%, and 90% for vet bills of any claims. Healthy Paws offers the best price and coverage. You will get average cost about $27.62 for every month. The best thing is, Healthy Paws becomes the only one pet insurance that has not yearly limits. As you meet an annual deductible, your coverage will be paid in that year. What’s more, they get excellent customer service and several coverage options. Healthy Paws cover accident, illness, alternative treatments, and hereditary and congenital conditions, including for pet who gets hip dysplasia.

  1. Progressive

The Progressive insurance company is very well-known of its auto coverage. Apparently, this company also offers pet insurance with many coverage options. The Progressive covers illnesses, injuries, accidents, and also hereditary and congenital conditions. The coverage includes hospitalization, after-hours emergency, specialist visits, surgeries, and prescription medications. The Progressive also provides other coverages for cancer treatments, chiropractic, acupuncture, MRI, X-rays, and CT scans. You also can choose your vet, specialist, and care clinic for your pets. For the reimbursement, The Progressive offers 70%, 80%, and 90% option for the vet bills. You can get easy and quick reimbursement in 2 to 5 days.

  1. Pet Best

Pet Best offers average cost around $38.43 each month. They have three kinds of policies. The highest one will cover illnesses, accidents, and hereditary and congenital condition. Meanwhile, the lowest policy only covers accidents. Just like other companies, you can choose any reimbursement and deductible levels. Do not worry about getting low respond because Pet Best will process reimbursement process as quickly as possible.

  1. GEICO

As a professional insurance company that offers loads of coverage, Geico also provides insurance for your cats and dogs. Geico offers free quote together with affordable pet coverage. With Geico, you can get up to 90% reimbursement for your pet illness and accidents.  Geico also offers a special discount if you insure more than one pet.

  1. Pet Plan

The next great pet insurance company goes to Pet Plan. This company offers customizable coverage with no limits. This one can offer benefits for you as you looking for a lower monthly premium.  Pet Plans can be a good choice to get pet insurance that fits your budgets. Also, they also own friendly customer service that is ready to help you via phone, fax, email, or live chat in 24 hours. Pet Plans also has a clear policy and some coverage options for accidents, illness, and hereditary and congenital condition. Unlike other companies, Pet Plans accept pets in all ages.

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