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Travel Guard Claims: Read the Fine Prints

You may or may not think much about the diseases, sudden accidents, or anything lost on your holiday abroad just because you’re too happy for holidays. But then any insurance companies will always remind you those possibilities.

Don’t you worry being cast away on a deserted island out of plane malfunction? Or are you scared to be lost and hurt in your abroad holiday? Worry not, the insurance company now has a travel guard that can save you from your loss while traveling! What are you waiting for? Sign all the paper needed to be worry free of the disease or baggage lost, and have fun on the tropical island that is still beautiful despite all of their malaria-carrying mosquitos living ferociously.

Who wants to get sick anyway? The insurance company is selling us our worry by acting as the backup that may save you on your unlucky day. A travel guard claim can be up to billions of rupiahs, that is why the insurance company who sells this will always try to be as diplomatic as possible to not give in our claim that much. Some even say they’re cheating, and the insurance company works their way out of the terms and agreement you sign for. Even with their detailed descriptions and benefits list, there always those fine prints that are easy to pass by. The insurance company can’t profit much from your misery, by claiming your right from what they kept is something that may cause a financial loss for them. The travel guard is always cheaper within inter-local traveling. You may not feel burdened when you checked the travel insurance while buying tickets for any local travel.

Travel Guard Claims

But if the travel guard claims working up well, it will be the savior of your accidents in your holiday. Your tropical body may not be used to on a winter wonderland holiday that you freeze up and be cold easily. Sometimes we may not know how our body is handling the weather, food, or any unusual tradition in another country. Of course, you can’t be fully confident that you’ll be healthy all the time despite all these new grounds. For any international travelers, having any travel guard is a smart adult way to travel. Knowing that the health care around the world are usually not cheap, by having any insurance will lessen the burden of paying, and lessen the worry of your close friend and relatives. Some travel guard may even cover up any cancellation of flight out of certain causes.

To prevent any unwanted things before signing up any insurance, here are six things you may need to watch for when picking the better travel guard:

  1. Read all the fine prints thoroughly

The insurance company mostly give out a vague and general policy. For example: “pregnancy complications,” will they cover up the bleedings or the nausea too? Because there have been cases where they say they cover up those general complications, but when it’s time to claim it, they’ll tell you they only cover this and this but not that thing that happens to you.

By knowing this, if you find anything that needs more explanation, it’s better to ask more before signing up.

  1. Ask anyone or just read the reviews and testimony

Find out any reviews on how good or bad the insurance company that having this travel guard to handle the claims. There has been a lot of complaint for an insurance claim these days, well every insurance product will always have series of complaints. You only need to know which insurance company has the less bad reviews about it.

  1. Find comparison

Compare the prices and facility that are offered by any insurance company. So, you can understand all the benefit you can get with the right prices.

  1. Find a company or insurance broker that has insurance product

Despite having to pay more for their services, they may help you to get what is right for you. And not only for consultation, but you can also actually ask them to help you take the claim if you need one.

  1. Find out what do they need for a travel guard

Such as the papers and document needed for the registration. Or when you need to claim it, maybe any loss report from the authorities.

  1. Re-think twice before checking or signing the policy

Does it benefit you, or is it simply something good? Or maybe you prefer to just fully trust in good faith that nothing bad will happen to you.

The travel product itself has always had good intentions, to begin with. By knowing your right or their trick, you may find out how to work over the policy too. For the travel guard claims, sometimes the best ‘working’ trick when claiming an insurance is by asking the claim AFTER you finished your hospital care or after you report your loss to the police. If for health you can ask the bill charge, and for the loss things, you can ask the local police to have the report of lost things. By having these papers, you can reimburse the claim easily, rather than asking the claim from before you handle your health ora loss to the local police.

Some things you need know about travel guard and healthcare insurance that the airline offers, are different. The airline healthcare insurance only covers from the point of departing from the point of arrival, while the travel guard may cover all the health or loss problems during your travel. And the travel guard may different depends on how long the travel is, and how far the distance is from your home country.

It is your choice to have travel guard or not, but then we all should be caring for our conditions. It turns out most people don’t become aware of their health or any bad possibilities while traveling. Hopefully, by understanding what you’re signing for, will help you more determining your worry-free holiday.Have fun and enjoy your worry-free holiday!

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