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Travel Guard Gold Reviews

Travel Guard Gold is the perfect package plan for family and international travelers. Whether you prefer to travel to the mountain or tropical, white sand beaches, or historical visit buildings with your family, friend, or good company, it pays to cover your travel with a travel insurance from Travel Guard. This company has a package plan named Travel Guard Gold which is the most popular plan with complete coverage amounts. The Gold Plan is suitable for family and international traveler.

It includes coverage for trip cancellation, medical expenses, 24/7 travel assistance services, lost baggage, interruption, baggage delay, medical evacuations, strike, severe weather, and more.  Thus, the plan also offers an optional upgrade to cancel your trip for any reason. However, the coverage is not available in all states. Another good news from this plan is that children who are 17 and under and traveling with insured adults also covered with no additional cost.

Travel Guard Gold


Advantages: The Gold Plan is great package plan for families because if you have children who are 17 and under are already covered at no additional cost. The plans also covered for trip cancellation for any reason such as required to work, job loss, hurricanes, and terrorism.

Disadvantages: Although you can purchase this coverage 24 hours before the departure, ‘Cancel for any reason,’ financial default and other coverage require an earlier purchase. The worst part is that the coverage for a pre-existing condition can add up to $30,000.

The bottom line: The Gold Plan from Travel Guard is a reliable travel insurance protection from an experienced and reliable insurance company. The plan includes complete coverage for all the primary travel risks, and it also consists of a few options to fill in any gaps.

Travel Guard insurance has covered millions of travelers for more than 20 years throughout the world. The company is America’s leading provider of travel insurance. Their assistance service programs are here to help the customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The coverage which provided by Travel Guard is easy to purchase, and it is even easier to use with their 24-hour emergency travel services. The Gold Plan from Travel Guard travel insurance offers a level of protection which exceeds the needs of family and international traveler. When you have to cancel your trip or make a claim due to the unlikely event, the travel benefits kick in, and they will help you recover from travel accidents.

The Gold Plan Benefits

When it comes to medical benefits, the customer will get $25,000 for emergency medical coverage and $500,000 if there is a situation happened where they must be transported somewhere so they can get proper emergency medical care. As for emergency dental coverage, they will get $500. Travel Guard insurance company provides us useful travel benefits such as compensation of $750 if your trip delayed for five hours and that is the shortest delay times around.

If there is a missed connection of three hours, you will be compensated $250. Thus if your baggage is a list, they will offer $1,000 to replace it, and they also give you $300 if it delayed for more than 12 hours. The Gold plan also has an extra benefit which is the identity theft assistance.

You can get this benefit from your travel insurance if your wallet is stolen or lost. Travel Guard will help you get credit report records to make you can keep track of what is happening with your precious credit rating. Besides, Travel Guard also provides helpful caretaker services which will lend a hand in sending flowers to someone, arranging for a tee time at a golf course, lining up tickets to events, and more.

The customer can purchase up to $500,000 of coverage for common carrier accidental death and dismemberment. As far as optional benefits go, this is quite helpful if you are the breadwinner of your family and you want to provide your family with the unfortunate events of your death or dismemberment while you are traveling. You can purchase $35,000 to protect your rental car, but this is subject to a $250 deductible.

The coverage also involves $9 each day you have the rental car. Travel Guard’s customer service is available to answer your question anytime. They will also help you with the trip. They offer a host of services for policyholders such as travel medical assistance, LiveTravel emergency assistance, and worldwide travel assistance. If you compare with other travel insurance plans, Travel Guard has the most generous benefits and satisfaction guarantee of any product at 15 days.

Gold Plan Coverage

Since Travel Guard has been one of the most popular travel insurance companies for the last quarter century in North America, let’s take a look at their coverage. The Gold plan designed for any travel such as family, a 24-hour business trip, a month-long journey, around the world trip, and more. The Gold Plan provides mid-level coverage to customers with more options than other plans in Travel Guard. This program is ideal for families and also single travelers since they have the fantastic coverage and benefits. Moreover, the Gold Plan is the most popular travel insurance offered by Travel Guard.

Travel Guard will pay 100% trip cost for trip cancellation and 150% trip cost for trip interruption. If you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to any reasons such as injury, illness, a death of you, a family member, work reasons, or other covered reasons, they will refund the nonrefundable and unused payments or deposits.

Travel Guard will refund $750 trip interruption of the additional airline transportation expenses suffered by you to reach the return destination or due to unlikely events.

Travel Guard will also refund up to $150 per day for reasonable expenses until your trip becomes possible if your trip delayed for more than 5 hours.

Last but not least, Travel Guard, refund you up to $300 for the necessary personal effects if your bag delayed for more than 12 hours.

Children who are 17 or under will be covered at no additional cost.

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