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The Best Travel Guard Insurance

What is travel insurance? Many people still don’t understand about travel insurance. In fact, it divided into two board categories which are package plan that include coverage for trip cancellation and package plan which doesn’t include insurance for trip cancellation but mainly focuses on insurance for travel medical. Today’s post is about Travel Guard Insurance reviews. If you are interested in buying travel insurance, you can check this report below!

 Travel Guard Insurance



Travel Guard plans include a comprehensive report about the insurance such as hotel and rental car reservations, the preparation for the trips, golf course reservations, and more. Travel Guard provides those things you need. This insurance company offers you a high number of travel insurance plans such as package plans, travel accident plans, medical evacuation, and travel medical plans that fit many traveler types. Moreover, Travel Guard also provide optional coverage to customized most programs to its customers’ needs


Travel Guard has a high number of plans which may include customer difficult in choosing the programs. Moreover, not all plans are available to all resident of United States due to local regulations.

About Travel Guard Insurance

Travel Guard is an active leader in the travel insurance industry since they have more than 20 years industry of experience. They have a high number of plans to choose from such as the single trip, travel medical plans, annual plans, and more. Their travel insurance also has improved travel emergency assistance services which include travel medical assistance, identity theft services, concierge services, and more. As the leader in the travel insurance industry, Travel Guard offers a range of travel insurance plans that designed to cover the United States. Many works reasons such as required to work, layoffs, business rendered unable to open due to burglary or natural disaster, direct involvement in a merger or product recall, and revoked leave (civil and military) covered reasons for trip cancellation in most Travel Guard plans.

If you purchase individual plans within 15 days of your initial deposit, the company will include the famous pre-existing condition waiver, financial default for common carriers, and flight guard AD&D. Some of their plans have shorter look-back-periods which are 90 days, and this is opposed to the typical 180 days. Travel Guard indeed has many plans for just about every type of traveler, but several plans designed for specific types of travelers such as sports travelers, adventure travelers, and gold travelers. Those plans have benefits that you don’t find in other programs. Travel Guard package plans don’t have age restrictions. But if travelers over age 70 buy some plans, the coverage will be limited to the plans.

Highlights of Travel Guard Claims

Travel Guard claims come with improved travel assistance services which makes this insurance company is unique in the industry. Thus, they managed by the Travel Guard itself, not a third-party company. This company’s claims would give a payback if your trip were canceled for several reasons. They have medical evacuations to the hospital that you choose, and this one included in many plans. Last, they have several programs that provide coverage for children under age 17 at no additional cost.

Travel Guard Travel Insurance Package Plans

  1. Travel Guard Platinum

This plan designed for travelers who want complete coverage and high maximum limits. Platinum package plans include trip cancellation for common work reasons such as required to work or job loss in the base plan. This plan has no copayments or deductibles. Optional coverage will be available for pre-existing travel supplier default, primarily medical, baggage coverage, and medical conditions if the plan purchased within 15 days. This plans also include ‘Cancel for any reason’ upgrade as well.

  1. Travel Guard Gold

This package plan is the most popular plans in Travel Guard. Many people purchase this plan because it has complete travel coverage and children under 17 will be covered with no additional charge. Gold package plans include trip cancellation for common work reasons. Kids under 17 who are traveling and related to the primary insured covered with no additional cost. The plan comes with a variety of assistance services. Moreover, the Gold plan has many benefits for those who choose this premium. That coverage will improve this amazing travel insurance plan.

  1. Travel Guard Silver

For you who are on a budget, this plan is the perfect budget-minded plan which includes trip cancellation plan. The silver plan also perfect for adults who are traveling with their children. The plan includes standard travel insurance coverage such as trip cancellation, travel delays, and baggage losses, as well as an interruption. This plan also comes with a few optional coverages and multiple assistance services. The disadvantages of a Silver plan are the medical coverage limits are quite low and only one child under 17 who covered with no additional charge.

  1. Travel Medical Plans

Travel Medical Plans has two types, so let’s take a look at travel medical insurance reviews.

  1. Travel Rite Annual

As the name suggests, Travel Rite Annual is an annual travel medical plan which designed for the regular traveler with some package-like benefits. It is the basic travel medical plan which covers the insured for several trips throughout the year. The plan also includes some package-like benefits such as trip cancellation, baggage delays, interruptions, and more.

  1. Medical Evacuation Plans

It is the essential plan when you need medical care or emergency transportation in a hurry. The program is available both to individuals and families on a per-trip or annual basis. This plan includes emergency medical evacuations as well as medical care for illnesses and injuries which occur during a covered trip. There is no additional cost for one child under 17 covered adult. Medical Evacuation Plans also covers non-medical political evacuations. Thus, the insured can choose to add optional coverage such as baggage protection and adventure activities.

There are more package plans from Travel Guard such as basic plan, customized plan, business traveler, travel accident plans, specialty plans and more. You can choose the one that suits you best!

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